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We use organic, unscented coconut oil & shea butter.

​Deep Tissue Massage
55 min - $85
80 min - $120
Deep pressure & trigger point therapy are skillfully applied to relieve chronic tension and back pain. This massage usually focuses on a specific area of discomfort.
Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT)​​
Initial treatment & consultation - $130
Womb Massage only - $65

Provides relief from common digestive disorders, enhances uterine health & fertility. Visit Abdominal Therapy to learn more.

Relaxation Massage
​55 min - $85
80 min- $120

This massage is also known as Swedish Massage. It consists of light to medium pressure using long strokes, and kneading to ease the mind and relax the body. Add on hot stones for the ultimate blissful experience. 

Detox Abdominal Therapy
​55 min - $105
80 min- $140

Consists of deep abdominal work to flush out impacted matter from intestines, reflexology to stimulate the internal organs & cupping to release trapped toxins.

This treatments highly enhances any cleanse or colonic.


Pregnancy Massage
​55 min - $95
80 min-$130

Light to firm pressure that is custom to a pregnant women's needs. Focused on relaxation while reducing tension and pain.

 For more info visit Prenatal.

Postnatal Massage
55 min - $95
80 min- $130

 Helps restore mama's body to pre-pregnancy posture while getting the relaxation she deserves!  This is a combination of relaxation and deep tissue tailored to a new mom's needs.

Learn more

Maya Pregnancy Massage (ATMAT)
​55 min - $105

A more therapeutic prenatal massage that relieves pains and aids digestion while preparing the body for an efficient labor. For more info see  Prenatal Massage.  

Postnatal Abdominal Therapy
​​55 min - $105​
80 min- $130

 Restores abdomen, helps prevent sexual dysfunction (painful intercourse due to prolapse), incontinence, diastasis recti, and many other uterine issues.

 Learn More

Labor Preparation Massage 
​​80 min - $130

 This massage is for overdue mothers or for moms past 35 weeks. It prepares the body for labor using :

  • Acupressure

  • Full body & Uterine Massage

  • Rebozo Techniques 

For more info visit  Prenatal Massage.

add on service $5

Choose one or a combination of essential oils to elevate your experience with relaxing aromatherapy that takes you on a sensory journey.


  • Wild Orange for Joy  

  • Neroli for Relaxation

  • Peppermint for Clarity 

Herbal Vaginal Steam Bath
with  consultation $95
Get your lady parts in MINT condition with this cleansing, PH balancing, herbal steam bath. Health history is reviewed, holistic lifestyle and herbal recommendations are discussed in detail. Suggested for women dealing with infertility, uterine diseases, irregular cycles, PMS, painful periods or chronic yeast/bacterial infections.


*Do not book if you might be pregnant or during menstration 

Herbal Vaginal Steam Bath
stand alone treatment $50 
add on service​ $45
Get your lady bits in MINT condition with this cleansing, PH balancing, herbal steam bath. The formulation of a vaginal steam bath consists of aromatic, cleansing herbs that will penetrate into the uterine wall.


For more info CLICK HERE

*Do not book if you might be pregnant or during menstration 

Milky Way
add on service​ $35
25 minutes of lymphatic massage focused on the upper body to decongest lymph nodes and increase the flow of breast milk.  


add on service​ $

Gentle to deep suction  increases detoxification, lymphatic flow, loosens knots & muscles, relieves pain, draws out negative energy and increases healing circulation.


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