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Also known as Yoni Steam baths, in Central America as Bajos (ba-hoes) and  in Korea as Chai-yok these vaginal steam baths have been used around the world for centuries to foster good uterine health postpartum. 

How does it work?

This is a relaxing sitz bath which takes place in a private booth. The aromatic cleansing herbal steam will penetrate into the uterine wall, cleanse the afterbirth and speed recovery.  The warmth will increase healing circulation and relax the body. The organic herbal blend we use is formulated by clinical herbalists. Our blend is safe while breastfeeding. 


What are the benefits postnatal?


Postpartum is an important time for womb care. The steam baths help the womb come back to its normal size, cleanse the womb of after birth, along with helping heal the perineum and hemorrhoids. It also helps with constipation due to muscle tightness.  If you had a C section, we use special herbs to help heal the scar tissue. 

$50 per 30 minute steam
$45 in addition to a treatment
$35 if you steam with a friend



Am I ever exposed during the  vaginal steam bath?
    No. This relaxing treatment is done in a private setting while the client is draped in a robe.

When should I schedule my vaginal steam bath?
You can schedule your yoni steam bath after bleeding has stopped postpartum. 


Can I bring my baby during my yoni steam? 

Babies in arms are welcome. There are dangerous surroundings for toddlers such as cactus, outlets and hot steam. We encourage mama to get a sitter if possible to enjoy some relaxing alone time if possible. 


What should I do to prepare for my yoni steam?  

It is best to shower before to start off clean, then bring some extra layers for keeping warm after your appointment. Fajas are also good to wear after your steam. You will feel very relaxed and maybe sleepy afterward so carve out some time after to rest. Booking a massage after your steam is a popular choice for mamas as they can just crawl into our cozy massage beds and continue the healing process. 

*DO NOT book  a vsteam during menstruation.  

*Never do a vaginal steam bath when you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.
* Do not do a vaginal steam if you have an IUD.

*Do not steam if you have an active vaginal infection. 


1. This is a site about different healing modalities and is not a medical advice website.

2. You cannot use this site for diagnosing medical conditions.

3. If you have a medical condition or feel that you might have a medical condition, speak to your doctor.

4. Statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA.


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