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Opening June 19th

Rebirth Massage

Rebirth Massage

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Yoni Steam Baths

We are the first day spa in San Diego to offer Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal or pelvic steaming. We offer private booths or the option to steam with friends. 


Womb Wellness

Services for women seeking to improve fertility, detox, heal their uterus, improve digestion, relieve back pain or simply relax.

We offer deep tissue massage and a variety of abdominal therapies. 

Prenatal Massage

Our Certified Prenatal Massage Therapists offer a variety of massage for pregnancy, always using organic ingredients.

 Prenatal Massage relives pain while preparing your body for labor.

 We also offer placenta encapsulation.

Postpartum Healing

Traditional postnatal healing such as womb massage, belly binding,  & herbal vaginal steam baths combine to accelerate healing and help mama find balance.

We even have a Cesarean Birth Massage to help speed recovery after a belly birth.