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Opening June 19th

Rebirth Massage

Rebirth Massage

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Yoni Steam Baths

We are the first day spa in San Diego to offer Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal or pelvic steaming. We offer private booths or the option to steam with friends. 


Womb Wellness

Services for women seeking to improve fertility, detox, heal their uterus, improve digestion, relieve back pain or simply relax.

We offer deep tissue massage and a variety of abdominal therapies. 

Prenatal Massage

Our Certified Prenatal Massage Therapists offer a variety of massage for pregnancy, always using organic ingredients.

 Prenatal Massage relives pain while preparing your body for labor.

 We also offer placenta encapsulation.

Postpartum Healing

Traditional postnatal healing such as womb massage, belly binding,  & herbal vaginal steam baths combine to accelerate healing and help mama find balance.

We even have a Cesarean Birth Massage to help speed recovery after a belly birth.

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1545 Hotel Circle S #150, San Diego Ca 92108

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I just have to say THANK YOU Joanna!!! I've been trying to get pregnant for almost 3 years and it took just 3 months working with Joanna! She did abdominal massage on me and broke up scar tissue and gave me my own personal remedies to do at home!!! Doctors told me I needed IVF to get  pregnant because my tubes were blocked. When I called in to tell them I was pregnant they were beyond shocked! I am so thankful and grateful that God brought me to you! Natural remedies do work! You can take charge of your fertility!  I am now 13 weeks pregnant and couldn't be happier!!!! Thank you Joanna for all of your time and education and support! I couldn't recommend this place more! So beyond grateful!!! 

-Tai C.

I just recently had prenatal massage. The words cannot describe how amazing that felt. The pressure was perfect and my therapist Joanna was very gentle. I immediately felt relax and happy. She used hot stones to massage my body. I'm very exited to come back next week and would recommend all my pregnant friends to try it. I'll definitely try their postnatal massage as well after my baby will be born

-Angela M.

This review is for both pregnancy massage and postpartum massage. I was very lucky I found this place in particular Joanna, she truly has MAGIC hands and help me during my second pregnancy. My third trimester was extremely hectic: I spent my days chasing after my two year old and working full time seating in front of a computer. But I looked forward to my appointments with Joanna! It was nice to carve out such a special time for myself to relax and ease my back pain.
She's extremely knowledgeable about the anatomy of a pregnant woman's body, and she is also one of the absolute best masseuses I've ever had, prenatal over not. She's got magic relief hands! Fast forward to massages after giving birth to my daughter - Joanna has proven to be even more incredible in postpartum! She has been such an important part of my healing during this time.  
I would highly recommend her. Happy Mommy = Happy Baby  (And Husband)

-Shani R.


Rebirth caters to women in the greater San Diego area who are seeking natural solutions to prenatal discomforts, fertility, uterine related issues, prenatal massage, and postpartum healing. Our services include fertility massage, yoni steam baths (vaginal steam baths), pregnancy massage techniques for labor & birth preparation, relaxation prenatal massage, postpartum massage, postnatal abdominal massage, womb massage and more.  Our fertility massage therapy combined with the herbal yoni steam baths are highly beneficial for women with the goal of conception including women going through IVF. Our vaginal steam baths are top rated in San Diego with the option to customize the herbal blend by our herbalists. All herbal vsteam blends are made by certified and clinical herbalists. 

Our wellness center is comprised of certified massage therapists, clinical & certified herbalist and prenatal certified massage therapists who are experts in women's natural health and holistic prenatal care. We believe in a path alongside of traditional medicine to achieve optimum health, essential for treating fertility issues, pregnancy pains, and postnatal healing. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of womb massage, vaginal steam baths, prenatal massage, postpartum healing, placenta encapsulation, and herbal medicine. 


We serve San Diego County including La Jolla, La Mesa and Chula Vista