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Rebirth was established 2011 with the vision of providing therapeutic healing experiences for women through every season of their lives.

From wanting to improve overall health, fertility to pregnancy and all the way through menopause -- we offer something for every woman at Rebirth. 

We are a team of holistic practitioners, certified herbalists and licensed massage therapists that are dedicated to providing an experience tailored to the needs of each individual.




We offer deep tissue and relaxation massage to relieve stress and back pain with add ons available such cupping and aroma therapy. 

We really emphasis on womb wellness here at rebirth. For this,  we've  connected with my roots, where these methods of preventive medicine have been used for centuries.  

We offer fertility massage, abdominal therapy, postnatal abdominal therapy, also known as sobada de matriz to aid in digestion and improve uterine health. 


We are the first wellness center in San Diego to offer herbal vaginal steam baths with herbal consultations and have served hundreds of women over the years. Steam baths are very beneficial for every women as a monthly self care  practice and very beneficial postnatal. 

We offer a full spa menu catered to pregnant moms as well as more therapeutic body work such as the labor preparation massage which is very popular amongst our mamas interested in experiencing a natural birth. Additionally we extend body work to postnatal women customized to their needs with add ons like belly binding, face rejuvenation treatment and Milky way, a lymphatic massage to increase breast milk.  

One goal here at Rebirth is to reintegrate healing modalities that have been around for centuries. Why? Because they are effective!  I believe we need to be more preventative and holistic in our approach to health. To empower ourselves with traditional self-care practices that should not be forgotten.

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