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Light Therapy 

Did you know light therapy also known as PhotoBioModulation therapy can help improve your reproductive health?  
Light therapy increases activity in the cells that promote healing, tissue repair, and regeneration. It increases blood flow/circulation to your reproductive organs, while reducing inflammation. 



1) How does light therapy work?

Light therapy works by repairing damaged cells and increasing their activity. 

This low-level light therapy activates the mitochondria in the cell to produce more ATP, creating more energy for the cell. This improves overall reproductive health.  

-rejuvenates on a cellular level 

-improves cellular function 

-improves lymphatic function

-improves reproductive function 


-increases circulation 

2) Is this the same as infrared therapy?


No. This phototherapy uses near-infrared light therapy. It does not heat up the tissue-like far infrared therapy. Instead, it heals damaged cells. It rejuvenates cells by boosting midorconda and ATP (which can be thought of as the batteries of a cell).


3)  How many sessions do I need for fertility?

A study focused on the impact of light therapy and fertility showed that the pregnancy success rate increased by 65% when patients used PhotoBiomodulation 6 times from the start of menstruation up until ovulation.  

The energy provided by Celluma is utilized by our cells to increase cellular metabolism. This results in the up-regulation of a variety of metabolic processes including increased blood flow/circulation, a decrease in inflammation, a decrease in pain, and an increase in the cells that promote healing and tissue repair and regeneration.

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