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Testimonials for Maya Abdominal Therapy

 Joanna and her mother are both phenomenal. I've been getting massages since before the birth of my baby and found them especially helpful postpartum. I've sent family members for the massage because of intestinal and ovarian cyst issues and they have found great relief from it. I highly recommend this massage for any woman, even if you don't have a specific issue to fix. It is a clarifying, centering, and healing massage everyone should try.

Monique Minahan- The Huffington Post 


I just have to say THANK YOU Joanna!!! I've been trying to get pregnant for almost 3 years and it took just 3 months working with Joanna! She did abdominal massage on me and broke up scar tissue and gave me my own personal remedies to do at home!!! Doctors told me I needed IVF to get  pregnant because my tubes were blocked. When I called in to tell them I was pregnant they were beyond shocked! I am so thankful and grateful that God brought me to you! Natural remedies do work! You can take charge of your fertility!  I am now 13 weeks pregnant and couldn't be happier!!!! Thank you Joanna for all of your time and education and support! I couldn't recommend this place more! So beyond grateful!!! 
Love always,

Tai, C



I can't say enough about how great Joanna is and what a blessing and true resource she has been. We have been dealing with infertility for some time. I became frustrated with the whole process when in addition to being diagnosed with unexplained  infertility and a tilted uterus, I was also diagnosed with fibroid tumors and my doctor was referring me to another specialist about a mayomectomy. I felt so powerless in my battle to be healthy and fertile. I started seeing an acupuncturist and through my reading one day discovered Mayan Abdominal Therapy. I worked with both as they compliment each other well. I was very receptive to treatment and follow up treatment and although keeping track became confusing at times I did my best.
The thing about Joanna is, she is genuinely concerned about her patients and their progress. Always explaining everything, addressing concerns, and going the extra mile with additional information and follow up. I never felt silly asking a question and always felt completely supported as I navigated through the process. Again at times I did feel overwhelmed with self care, castor oil packs, herbs, herbal steam baths, fertility yoga...followed by additional recommended exercises...knee chest, kangaroo walk, etc. but I continued. I saw her for the first time Feb 28th, I found out on May 30 that we are finally expecting! We are overjoyed and hopeful about finally having a chance to become parents. I can never thank Joanna enough for all her dedication, she doesn't just offer a service but the support necessary to keep you focused at becoming healthier and reaching your goals. I can't wait for my pregnancy massages!

Ruby F.



Aloha ~

I had the opportunity to receive several treatments of maya massage from Joanna Marie this past fall when I was visiting San diego. First of all, she is kind, present, attentive and authentically cares about her clients.  She is an excellent practitioner and bodyworker. She is skiled with her hands, her intuition and has an ability to meet the specific needs of each client as she delivers this powerful modality. I too am a bodyworker of many years and a Registered Nurse. I have received countless sessions and I get to sincerely say that Joanna Marie is very talented. This modality and her hands are to be experienced. Whether you are maintaining health or working on a health project, I know Joanna marie can help you in a myriad of ways. I am looking forward to seeing her again when I am in her area. Joanna Marie, I offer you my sincere appreciation. It is an honor to receive from you. May your practice grow and expand as you touch the lives of others in a deep profound way. Blessings!  

Anjani S. 




The "Joanna's" were recommended to me by my acupuncturist for fertility. I had heard a lot about Maya abdominal therapy from a few others and finally decided to try it. I did the 3 month program with Joanna. During that time she did the abdominal therapy on me, and guided me through self care practices. It was a little overwhelming at times, as there were so many home care things i had to do, but it was all worth it! I am now a mommy!  It was such a stressful time in my life, looking back at the struggle to conceive and don't feel I could have done it with out her.

I gave birth naturally and had Joanna as my Doula. She is so attentive and compassionate. She was there to pull me through the pains of labor, I swear she knew exactly what I needed at the exact time.  She was so in tune with me and I cannot thank her enough for  helping make the most memorable day of my life very, very special. I used her placenta encapsulation services and postnatal abdominal therapy as well. She has been there every step of the way. She is very skilled and knowledgeable at what she does and I would recommend her services to anyone TTC, pregnant or postpartum.

Megan L



I came to see Joanna after 3 years of infertility for Maya abdominal Massage.  
I got pregnant after a few months of seeing her and an acupuncturist, although I really feel it was Maya abdominal therapy that got me pregnant.
Joanna corrected my tilted uterus and gave me the tools to take my health to its ideal level and increase fertility.
I didn't want to do try the  vaginal steam baths at first as it is a very "different " idea to say the least. After she explained all the benefits to me, I gave it a try and ended up loving it.
It really does make a difference!
I would highly recommend her because she is passionate, compassionate and really knows her stuff. Not to mention a great massage therapist.
She was very patient with me, answering my million questions, (even answering my texts after hours). I don't know what I would have done without her!
I am now seeing her as my Doula & for pregnancy massage and am loving it!
I highly recommend her services!

Layna M.




I went to see Joanna for a Maya abdominal massage session at Reproductive Wellness.
I am a client at the clinic for acupuncture and Marc Sklar, the acupuncturist of Reproductive Wellness told me about this new technique could help me with my menstrual pain, heave bleeding and painful intercourse. Even for fertility,... but I am not trying to get pregnant yet... just to have a good reproductive health. :)
Anyways, I would just say that now I am hooked!! it has helped me a lot!!
After only 3 sessions my menstrual pain was less and it just felt... different in a really good way. Abdominal massage has helped me too with constipation. And Joanna is teaching me self massage techniques that I can do at home.
I felt really comfortable. She guide me in all she was doing, physically and emotionally. You can tell she knows A LOT about women's health, massage and wellbeing in general. She has some calming energy... special.
I am now exited about trying the female steam bath!! That is suppose to help me with regulating my menses as well.

Ana G



               After years of battling with chronic BV, I decided to give the v-steam bath a try, after reading an article about the benefits.  I mean, I take herbs for everything else, why not "down there" I thought.  I am now on my third treatment and can already see a notable difference.  The treatment is pleasant and comfortable, as Joanna has a very calming effect on people.  She was very knowledgeable about all of the organic herbs used in the treatment.     

                    In combination with the treatment I had a Mayan massage, to help with my digestion issues, and it really worked! I'm not going to give details, but it definetely helped clear up the "blockage" I was suffering from.  I would highly recommend v-steam and Mayan massage for women that have had the same issues as me.

Alaina G.




I meet with Joanna for many different reasons, one of those reasons is for her assistance with regulating my menstrual periods, since me and my husband plan to start conceiving this year. Joanna has a way to make you feel so comfortable in your own skin and accept where you are in life; at the same time she teaches you how to improve your life. She guides you on how to improve your life emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Joanna validates all your concerns, questions, and goals. She is very knowledgeable and fills you with security and hope. At every appointment, I feel satisfied with her services. She makes me feel that she goes the extra mile to make sure I understand what the consult will be about, what she expects me to do on my own and what we will do on the following consult. In a way, her services never end because she focuses on so many different areas that can improve your life.
Maria E.




Joanna at Rebirth Maya has been an angel ever since I first started using her services a long time ago. Her extensive knowledge/education and passion for all aspects of holistic health and wellness just blows my mind. She specializes in feminine health and has so much to offer that is way more than your typical massage therapist. Some of my favorites are cupping that consists of heated glass suction cups that she maneuvers all over my back sort of massaging with them, then there are hot stones that are also amazing and simply take your average massage to the next level. I have always suffered with back pain after getting into car accidents as a child and she's given me complete healing and relief from any and all my physical ailments. Beyond massage, Joanna specializes in feminine holistic health and wellness and makes every individual their own homemade concoction of extremely powerful and potent healing herbs to heal any physical issue you might be struggling with. Vaginal steam bath is something i never would have considered but Joanna really knows how to assist our bodies in achieving ultimate health and wellness. The steam bath helps to combat hormonal imbalances, infertility and infections while detoxing at the same time. I would highly recommend it. I had no idea that a woman's uterus could be imbalanced and out of its proper place which causes many women that are completely unaware of the issue to suffer from such a long list of ailments and Joanna can help massage it back into place!!! This woman is a fully licensed and certified doula that does pre-natal as well as post-natal massages long with post-natal abdominal wrapping that helps your body to recover and go back down into the the proper place after giving birth! She also offers placenta encapsulation services as well as tinctures for those women like me that want to do what's best for your body by consuming your placenta after giving birth but might be a bit squeamish about just eating the whole thing raw. Joanna will cater to whatever it is that your heart desires in regards to your birth plan and makes sure to more than satisfy your personal needs, whatever they might be because she is an outstanding woman that is passionate about helping and educating anyone and everyone she encounters. Ultimately, making this world a better place! If only we could have more people that are as passionate about helping others achieve ultimate health and wellness!!! I am currently six months pregnant and looking forward to continuing to use her services throughout my pregnancy and after birth as well!!!! I would highly recommend any and everyone give her at least one shot to help you achieve your health and wellness goals, I promise you will not regret it!!!!!!

Raquel R. 








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