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FAQ for Prenatal & Postnatal Massage 


What is prenatal massage? 

Prenatal massage is a massage tailored to a pregnant women's needs. Our therapist have advanced training in massage for pregnant & postnatal women, prenatal anatomy, physiology and care.

Is prenatal massage safe in the first trimester? 

Yes. Massage during pregnancy is safe in all trimesters unless you are high risk and your doctor recommends against it. However, for liability reasons we require a doctors note to approve massage during the first trimester.

Is there a hole in the massage table for a pregnant belly? 

We recommend side lying as the gentlest on the pregnant body.

We have a pregnancy cushion with a contoured belly so mama can lay face down, upon request. We do not use the table with a hole however. 

We have temper putic massage tables and the"best side lying set up on the planet " our client's words, not ours! 99% of our clients are very comfortable with our side lying set up! 

What training do the prenatal massage therapists at Rebirth have? 

Our massage therapists are all certified by the state of California CAMTC. In addition to basic prenatal massage training required as a certified massage therapist, they have all had extra, specialized training and certification in prenatal massage.

We believe in continuing education and take new courses once a year to diversify our training and stay up to date.  Some of us are also Doulas, Placenta Encapsulation Specialists, Clinical Herbalist and more! Please visit our About Us page to learn more about us! 

How many pregnant clients do you see on average? 

90% or our clients are pregnant. We are honored to serve on average of 1,400 pregnancy massage appointments per year. We have proudly been in practice since 2011. Our clientele consists of many pregnant Midwives, Surgeons, Nurses, Massage therapists and other health care professionals. 

What kind of massage oil do you use? 

 We use a blend of all organic, hypoallergenic, unscented, coconut, shea & jojoba oils. Moms LOVE our massage cream! 

How often can I get a prenatal massage?

In a normal, non high risk pregnancy, it is recommended to receive a one hour  massage per week to prepare the body for labor, reduce pain and swelling.

 We advise you ask you doctor what they recommend for your personal  situation.

How long should I wait before having a postnatal herbal vaginal steam bath?

It is best to have the herbal vaginal steam bath as soon after you have stopped flowing blood, any stitches removed, and approval from your doctor. To read more about herbal vaginal steam baths after delivery click here.

When can I come in for my postnatal  massage? 

 Come in for a massage when you feel up for it. It will relieve aches and pains you have from labor and help calm your nervous system. We will customize the massage for you whether you had a vaginal or cesarean birth. 

When can I come in for my postnatal abdominal therapy ? 

For deep abdominal pressure, wait 6 weeks if you had a vaginal delivery and 3 months if you had a cesarean birth. 

What is a postnatal abdominal therapy? 

Postnatal abdominal therapy is one a traditional massage and one of the best things you can do for yourself postnatal. It speeds recovery, lifts the uterus, reduces scar tissue, relieves constipation, and encourages the abdominal muscles to reattach. This a full body massage focused on the abdomen including a hot stone treatment. 

What are the benefits of prenatal massage

To learn more about the benefits of massage for pregnant women, visit our Prenatal page. You can also visit the American Pregnancy Association for more info on massage during pregnancy. 

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