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Ginger & Wheatgrass Womb Poultice

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Poultices are an age old healing method where plants and herbs are placed on the skin to reduce inflammation, pain and promote healing. .

Here at the Optimum Health Institute, there is an unlimited supply of wheat grass! They encourage guests that have tumors to make a poultice using wheatgrass in order to shrink them!

Just to give my womb some extra love I thought I would try wheatgrass & ginger. Fyi: never put anything cold on your womb!

Wheatgrass: antioxidant rich, anti inflammatory, anticancer

Ginger: warming, anti inflammatory increases circulation

These would be great for fibroids, other uterine diseases that benefit from increases circulation, antioxidants, and anti inflammatory properties. Also great for increasing fertility

Wheatgrass & Ginger Poultice for the Uterus!

1. Grind wheat grass with a mortar and pestle or take the pulp from the wheat grass juicer.

2. Take an inch of fresh ginger, chop and simmer it for about 10 minutes.

3. Prepare your gauze and tape.

4. Place wheat grass pulp and ginger on the gauze.

5. Place over your lower abdomen, above your pubic bone.

Fyi: never put anything cold on your womb!

I left this poultice for about 2.5 hours. Expect a tingly warm feeling & cleansing symptoms from your uterus. I suggest starting at one hour to see how you feel.

. (This video is not endorsed nor teaching from Optimum Health Institute. This is an independent film.)

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