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Labor Preparation Massage

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Massage for overdue pregnancy

One of our most popular massages is the Labor prep massage which consists of therapeutic body work, aroma therapy, positive visualizations, rebozo techniques and acupressure to induce labor (when appropriate) . This massage is for women trying for a VBAC, vaginal birth, that are past 38 weeks and/ or past due trying to avoid a induction via pitocin.

We have been offering this massage for 7 years now, and the results are quiet amazing. Women usually go into labor in 24-48 hours after this massage IF their bodies are in fact ready to labor. The synchronicity of all the techniques applied above work wonderfully to prepare the body and mind for birth.

How does it work?

BODY WORK- this massage uses a more therapeutic techniques to release deep pelvic muscles in order to promote a speedy delivery. We also work on tail bone positioning and sacral work to open the body for labor. We also use belly massage to release ligament pain/tension, center the uterus, and in certain cases encourage labor.

Relaxation massage is also used to prepare for labor. Massage encourages the release of oxytocin, known as the love hormone (feel good hormone) and is needed in order to get labor going in the later stages of pregnancy.

AROMATHERAPY- we use aroma therapy to promote relaxation and special oils when appropriate, to induce labor.

REBOZO TECHNIQUES- are ancient Mexican midwife techniques that assist in positioning of the baby. This gentle belly sifting with a shall will help relieve tension of the ligaments while gently encouraging baby to an ideal position to birth.

ACUPRESSURE- the body has points of energy called meridian points in that correspond to organs in the body. When prolonged pressure is held on these specific points it will stimulate hormones, uterine contractions, and even correct a breech position. We use Acupressure to induce labor. Most women find these points a bit painful but worth the results. We only use acupressure in certain cases. We always have a consultation before your appointment to determine if acupressure to induce is right for your situation.

POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS- we believe in mind the mind body connection! A stressed and worried mind WILL make you shallow breath which effects the fight or flight response and decreases the flow of oxygen to the body. Visualizing biting in to a plump lemon rind, as the sour juices flow into your mouth will cause you to salivate! We can use images and affirmations to help open the cervix and manifest a positive birth experience!

Other ways to encourage labor: Acupuncture, walking, sex, spicy food, drinking raspberry leaf tea, bumpy car ride, eating lots pineapple and nipple stimulation! Why do all of these sound like a good time? lol

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