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FAQ's regarding Prenatal Massage

Is it safe to go for a massage while pregnant? One of the biggest myths about massage during pregnancy is that massage is unsafe during the first trimer. THIS IS FALSE. A pregnancy not experiencing any complications, massage is safe during all trimesters.

However, many massage centers will not offer massage during the first trimester due to liability reasons. The reason? Unfortunately, miscarriage is common before 13 weeks of pregnancy.

We DO offer massage during the first trimester as we know how beneficial it can be.

Massage during the first trimester can be very helpful to pregnant people experiencing tension headaches, stress, or insomnia. We do require a doctor's note while receiving massage during the first trimester at Rebirth.

Is a prenatal massage worth it?

Yes! So many things are off limits while pregnant. Fortunately, massage is something you can indulge in! Research shows that massage can reduce stress hormones in your body and relax and loosen your muscles. It can also increase blood flow, which is so important when you're pregnant, and keep your lymphatic system working at peak efficiency, flushing out toxins from your body.

What do they do during a prenatal massage?

During a prenatal massage, we use side lying position with lots of pillows and a special cushion to make sure you are the most comfortable you've in in a loooong time. We are often told we have the BEST bed set up. Many clients ask if they can just spend the night at Rebirth! hahaha.

We use safe deep tissue techniques to get to the root cause of your aches and pains. We will avoid deep pressure in certain areas. Our massage therapist are all certified prenatal massage therapists with extensive experience. We have served thousand of happy expecting mothers over the years! Check out our Yelp reviews!

Is it safe to have a prenatal massage in third trimester?

Massage is safe if you are experiencing a pregnancy without complications and even a lot of times if you are high risk. We always recommend asking your doctor or midwife what is best for your individual needs. Typically, it is safe to have a massage up to once a week until your due date.

If you have a scheduled caesarean birth we recommend you ask your health care provider to be cleared for massage.

We have massage that is specifically for the third trimester called the Labor Preparation Massage. It is designed for mamas aiming to have a vaginal birth. During this massage, we target any aches or pains bothering you while focusing on deep tissue work aimed to prepare your body for labor.

When appropriate, we will use acupressure points to help induce labor but only under special circumstances. Otherwise these acupressure points are avoided.

Can you get deep tissue prenatal massage?

YES. Always make sure your therapist is certified in prenatal massage! All of our therapists are prenatal certified. They can help determine what your body needs during your massage session.

Many times, deep tissue techniques will provide the relief from the pain you are experiencing. Sometimes, it's light lymphatic massage techniques that are needed. Learn more about lymphatic massage.

Will prenatal massage help with Sciatic Pain?

Has pregnancy been a pain in the butt? Literally? It sure can be! Pain in the buttocks area that radiates down your leg maybe sciatic pain. The sciatic nerve near your sit bone can be pinched by a tight piriformis muscle (a small muscle near the sit bone area). The piriformis is a very deep muscle, which has many other gluteal muscles layered over it. Our therapists will work out gluteal muscle tension layer by layer until your muscles allow us to apply firm pressure on the piriformis to release tension, which will relieve the sciatic pain.

Do they touch your belly during prenatal massage?

We do not touch your belly during the regular prenatal massages or prenatal massage spa packages.

We do massage the belly during our Labor preparation massage, Maya pregnancy massage and Lymphatic pregnancy massage. HOWEVER, we have a section on your intake where you can request that your belly (or any other body part) not be touched.

Does prenatal massage help with swelling?

Yes! If swelling is your main concern, you can book a prenatal lymphatic massage. This will specifically target swelling. If you’re suffering from tired swollen feet or water retention, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) during pregnancy can be very helpful. This gentle massage technique helps to encourage the flow and release of excess fluid held within the tissues just below the skin. Learn more about lymphatic massage during pregnancy.

When can I come in for a postnatal massage?

Regular Postnatal Massage: As soon as you'd like!

Abdominal Postnatal Massage: Wait six weeks if you delivered vaginally. Wait 3 months if you delivered via belly birth.

Caesarean Birth Lymphatic Massage: You can come in 3 days after your belly birth.

Our facility is wheel chair accessible. Come in ASAP! Lymphatic massage will greatly speed recovery and even encourage lactation.

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