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My interview with Dr. Sheri from SHEFIT

I was interviewed by Dr. Sheri DeSchaaf, DPT, local pelvic floor physical therapist, founder of SHEFit Physical Therapy and a beloved client of ours.

Dr. Sheri and her team specialize in prenatal, postpartum, and pelvic floor physical therapy, with a special focus on restoring women to full function and fitness during and after pregnancy.

Is pelvic physical therapy for you?

SHEFitPT is where you want to be if you have leakage, prolapse, diastasis recti, pain with sex, or anything else related to your core and pelvic floor! Get to know Sheri and her team on Instagram @SHEFitPT and at

As a special thank you, Dr. Sheri is offering a limited-time discount of $25 off your initial evaluation when you mention this interview! Phone 858-247-2660 or visit to book.

(New clients only, visit must be booked prior to March 7).

In this interview, we discuss:

  1. Rebirth's signature "Labor Prep" treatment, and how it can promote the natural onset of labor as well as a smoother labor

  2. Postpartum Abdominal or Womb massage, and benefits to digestion, uterine healing, and diastasis recti

  3. How the standard variety of "prenatal massage" is different from a truly specialized prenatal massage

  4. a few bonus points... ;)

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