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What does a vaginal steam do?

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

SOOO, you heard about steaming your vagina. As women, we steam our faces, our bodies, our veggies, and apparently now our vaginas? New trend? NOT AT ALL. Vaginal steaming has been around for centuries as a monthly hygiene practice and especially helpful postnatal. Here is why; your uterus has a monthly cleansing cycle, your moon time, aka your period.

I say moon time because our bodies are a scared reflection of nature.

Every month we shed the lining of the uterus, and sometimes this lining does not flush completely. If you have dark blood at the beginning or end of your cycle, this is old blood left over from the previous cycle! Not good. This debris sits causing acidity, painful periods, and can be the underlying cause of unresolved chronic infections. To learn more about why your uterus may not be flushing out completely each cycle read about a titled uterus here.

Now where were we, oh yeah, the debris in your uterus!! EEEEKkk well the herbal vsteam can help cleanse the uterus of unflushed debris in a few ways.

1) It helps soften the lining for a deeper cleanse.

2) It delivers anti bacterial properties of the herbs to your bloodstream.

3) It pulls your circulation to your pelvic area, which encourages healing, and detoxification.

One of the most important benefits of the yoni steam is the micro circulation which removes blood stagnation. Blood stagnation in traditional medicine = root cause of uterine disease.

Which brings the second benefit to light, vaginal steam baths heal uterine disease through administering herbs vaginally.

This is why finding a vsteam practitioner that is a certified or clinical herbalist is important! You are in fact taking herbs, vaginally!

Vaginal steam baths nourish by delivering antioxidants to your reproductive organs. Depending on which herbs are used, they also deliver anti inflammatory properties, anti bacterial properties, uterine stimulating properties to name a few. Herbal vsteams at Rebirth can always be customized by booking a vsteam & consultation.

Last but not least, yoni steams are SUPER relaxing. This is because your deep pelvic muscles are relaxed on account of the heat. Relaxation to the core!!

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