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Face Down Pregnancy Cushion vs Side Lying

The face down pregnancy cushion is safe when a trained and certified prenatal massage therapist is modifying and adjusting positioning for you. We know how to do it right, making sure there is minimal pressure on the abdomen and breasts, sufficient low back support, and mama is comfortable.

However, we like to be overly cautious at Rebirth, therefore we do not offer the prenatal face down cushion in pregnancies with the following:

  • Placenta issues/abnormalities of any kind

  • Anemia

  • Phlebitis

  • Diabetes

  • Pre-eclampsia

  • At risk for preterm labor

  • Pregnant with multiples

  • Abnormal fetal heart beat

  • High blood pressure

  • Compromised blood supply to the baby

We like to be overly cautious, and will use the side lying position instead with the conditions above.

Pros of side lying:

Side lying Prenatal Massage- We do not have your average side lying set up!

We boast a tempertputic table that molds your your body taking the pressure off your hips, belly, low back, and joints. We have special pillows, to fit the contour of your neck and all other curves.

99% of our clients comment about how perfect the set up it. They find educational value in simply experiencing our side lying positions. Many leave with info on where to buy our pillows! A lot of women think they want to be face down during massage, they try it, and end up not liking it as much as they thought. Then we switch back to side lying anyway.

Pros of side lying for prenatal massage:

  • Side lying prenatal massage does not congest your sinuses that way face down does

  • It is more of a natural position for pregnancy

  • It takes pressure off joints, low back and tender breasts

  • Less compression on lymphatic system, better drainage for swollen limbs

  • It is an ideal way for the therapists to access hip, glute and low back muscles for deep tissue work! Ideal for relieving low back pain!

  • There is less switching positions

Pros of lying face down for pregnancy massage:


For some, this is enough of a perk! lol

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