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13 years of Womb Massage

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Abdominal Massage is my second language. I can’t believe it’s been 13 years of practice!

I get the same questions everyday. "Where did you learn these techniques?" "What made you become an abdominal therapist?"

I was introduced to energy healing and massage when I was 10 years old by my Great Aunt, an energy healer and bodyworker. I have been drawn to the healing arts since then.

At 19 years old right after I graduated high school, I became a certified massage therapist . I was drawn to all abdominal massage modalities, having known about Mexican Indigenous sobadas de matriz (womb massage) from a young age.

So many of my clients are Mexican American who share the same story. "I heard about la matriz caida from my Abuela. She told me to get a sobada de matriz."

The massage school I attended, they offered a couple different abdominal massage modality trainings. I took them and every other course in abdominal massage I could find including Chi Nei Tsang, Hara Healing, Maya abdominal massage and Fertility Massage.

I moved to Mexico for several years where I learned with a few different Sobadores. Having a good understanding of anatomy and physiology as a certified massage therapist, I was able to easily pick up and fully understand the techniques being demonstrated. Some techniques of energy healing I was shown, I do not practice out of respect. I feel I need more time to fully grasp those and usually those types of healing take several years of direct apprenticeship before they have permission to do them.

My greatest teachers however, have been those who’s wombs I have worked on. Each person is so unique. Their bodies will ask for different techniques, during different parts of their cycles, life stages or even during IVF. I have had the honor of massaging thousands abdomens over the course of 13 years!

For years, I worked at the Optimum Health Institute of San Diego where I strictly practiced detox abdominal massage, helping many people who were terminally ill.

I then worked in a holistic fertility clinic, Reproductive Wellness, alongside the best fertility experts in San Diego. There, I did womb massage, prenatal massage and vsteams, before opening up my own location.

I have cried both tears joy, and grief for the wombyn I have worked on. So many walks of life and unique stories! I have learned so much from my clients.

I promise to always try my best to help, to meet you where you are on your healing journey, and if I ever feel that I cannot help you reach your goals completely, I will help find someone who can.

Love, Joanna

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