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For those who Birthed via Belly...

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

She touched her scars

Reminding herself how beautiful they are

Gracing her body like the stars

Across an endless sky

Aligning perfectly in time

Eternally sacred lines

Following the map they provide

The stories of her children

Our greatest blessings

Brought to life

- @fullcirclepoet

Artwork @spiritysol

I have heard many stories from mamas about how traumatizing their birth was, both from women who had a vaginal birth and also ones who wanted a vaginal birth but they ended up with a belly birth.

Birthing Mamas, please be kind to yourself! You're not alone in this. Please, honor the feelings you have about having the unplanned belly birth. Grieve it, don't hold back, then let... it.... go.

Celebrate the absolute magic, and hard work it took for your body to create a sweet little miracle. YOU STILL BIRTHED YOUR BABY. BELLY BIRTH IS BIRTH!

Your body is absolutely incredible. You are a f&*%ing warrior!

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