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Massage to help your Baby Sleep

Relax your little one with a face and head massage! Those little face muscles are tense from throwing tantrums! LOL!

I do this every night before bed or if he simply needs to chill out!

Avoid the top of the head if your baby has a soft spot. I use jojoba oil with one drop of chamomile essential oil for the face massage. Practice the massage on your own face so you can see what it feels like. Watch your baby's cues and adjust pressure accordingly.

Did you know you can start infant massage when you are pregnant? Yup! Massage those bumps, it's very soothing for your baby!

Other tips to help baby fall asleep:

1. A shusher! This little portable device helps put baby to sleep using a repetitive shushing sound. The repetition and rhythm do wonders to help baby fall asleep.

I used it to soothe my little one from birth, and now it is a sleep cue. When my son hears it no matter where we are, he knows it is time to go to sleep.

Spotify users- You can also find an album on Spotify called Baby Sleep Shhhh- Baby Shusher for Sleep.

2. Sleep Schedules

Knowing how much sleep your baby needs for their age within a 24-hour period is so important. Your baby could have trouble falling asleep if they are overtired from too little sleep or not tired from getting too much sleep. Knowing when to cut a nap is important. You can research age-appropriate sleep schedules for babies or work with a sleep consultant for babies. A local one in San Diego is

3. White noise machine. This is non-negotiable! Babies are used to sounds being muffled when they are swimming around in the womb! The strake noises are startling! You can use a fan for the white noise but I prefer to use one of these sound machines.

The Snooz one is pricey, but it is the loudest white noise that is sure to block out most exterior noises. You can also adjust the sound.

Another great one is Yoga Sleep but it is not going to block out all noise.

4. A rocking chair. This just works! If you don't have a rocking chair, bouncing on an exercise ball does the trick. Put the baby in a baby carrier, but on the shusher, and bounce away!

5. A warm bath with chamomile or lavender essential oil. Just a few drops in a tub should help relax your baby.

6. Routine. This one takes time but do not underestimate it! Our bedtime routine:

read a book, give him a bath, give him a head massage, pj's , white noise, and rocking chair. He knows it's time to sleep for the night when these things happen.

Hope these tips help get your baby relaxed and sleepy! Hang in there! You're doing great!

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