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My Yoni Steam Experience in San Diego

Updated: Jul 4

By Alaina Gallegos, MPH & Holistic Coach


After years of suffering from painful menstrual cramps and occasional bacterial infections, I was tired of the temporary solutions offered by western medicine. In search of targeting the root cause of my “female issues”, I ran across an article that described what seemed to be a “new age” technique called a vaginal steam bath or Yoni steams. Used to foster good uterine health, the formulation of a vaginal steam bath consists of aromatic, cleansing herbs that penetrate into the uterine wall.

Known as “bajos” (bahoes) in Central America and in “chai-yok” in Korea, this

centuries old practice, has recently been making its way into holistic spas around

the country. Vaginal steam baths are used to assist in the cleansing of the uterus in conjunction with Maya Abdominal Therapy for the treatment of numerous female symptoms: painful or irregular periods, yeast or bacterial infections, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, vaginal dryness, and painful

intercourse, just to name a few. Overall the Yoni bath aids as a uterine lavage or

internal cleanse of the membranes that often accumulate incompletely flushed

debris/fluids from cycle to cycle. In addition, the bath introduces healing warmth

and softens and nourishes internal membranes. “It increases circulation,

cleanses and nourishes the female reproductive system.” Says Joanna Yanez ,

a local Maya Abdominal therapist.

After reading about the benefits of vaginal / Yoni steam baths, I decided to give it a try.

I mean if I use herbs to help me recover from a common cold, surely I could try it

to cleanse my “girl”. Upon recommendation from a friend, I called local Maya

Abdominal massage therapist, Joanna Yanez. Located in the heart of Mission

Valley, San Diego the office was like a refuge in the middle of an urban jungle. The room

where the treatment took place was calming, with soothing background music.

Joanna took my medical history and explained what the treatment would consist

of while giving a breakdown of the healing properties contained in each of the

organic herbs that would be used. She was very knowledgeable and asked lots

of questions, which rarely happens with my gynecologist, who often rushes from

one patient to another. Joanna explained that the steam bath should be used at

the end of each menstrual cycle and were tailored to fit the needs of each

woman, depending on their symptoms.

This relaxing environment put me at ease before the treatment. After changing

into my towel robe, Joanna entered the room with a pot of steaming herbs and

placed it in the middle of the vagi-stool, which was the bench that I sat on during

the steam. The stool was surprisingly comfortable, and the temperature of the

steam was felt relaxing. The stool is designed specifically for the bath

and assists in holding the flesh slightly to the side to let the steam penetrate into

the vagina. As the debris came flowing outside of me it felt as if my vagina had

just entered a sauna!

After the treatment, I changed back into my clothes and Joanna entered the room

and we discussed a treatment plan for my “issues”. “The Yoni steam baths should be

used as part of your regular self-care regimen, kind of like a facial” she said. She

also recommended adding Mayan Abdominal Massage in conjunction with the

baths, as it would help decrease my menstrual cramps.

While I am only on my second treatment, I can already see the difference in my symptoms. My discharge has decreased and I noticed less cramping during my last menstrual cycle. Is this the cure-all I had been waiting for? It’s definitively not like taking a magic pill that offers a quick fix, but “in order to completely heal, the body needs

time”, exclaims Joanna. Maybe you should add something about taking half

the time to heal as it took to develop a condition.

So, in pursuit of my quest for natural living, I will continue with the Yoni steam baths

and follow Joanna’s suggestions to add them to my self-care regime at $50 per

treatment. Not bad for a treatment that costs up to $70 in New York!

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