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Tummy Massage for Babies

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Learn how to massage your baby's tummy to relieve constipation, gas, colic and aid digestion.


#1 Massage using the pads of your fingers, not the tips. This gives a gentler, broader stroke. Finger tips feel a bit more pointy and intense.

#2 Try massage at least one hour after baby has eaten. If he or she is too full, it won't feel comfortable. If he/she is hungry, then chances are you have a grumpy, fussy baby on your hands who will refuse massage.

#3 Use virgin coconut oil or try our Sunshine Baby Oil.

#4 Massage baby in a warm room.

#5 Use a couple drops of chamomile oil.

#6 If you play the same song each time you massage your baby, they will associate it with massage time, relaxation and oxytocin (the love/bonding hormone).

#7 Watch for signs of discomfort. if your baby seems uncomfortable. Ease up on the pressure. You can use a firm pressure, again, using the pads of your fingers more than the tips.

Enjoy massaging and bonding with your babe! They grow up too fast!

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