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Vaginal Steam Baths Postnatal

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Why should I have an herbal vaginal steam after giving birth?

Well, if you gave birth vaginally, it is VERY beneficial for your poor sore, (hopefully not torn) perineum! The warmth will increase circulation to the vaginal area, accelerating healing. The properties of the herbs are delivered via steam to help cleanse out the after birth. Our postnatal herbal blend is anti inflammatory, healing, and safe while breastfeeding.

If you had a cesarean birth, it is extremely important to Vsteam!! Cesarean births form scar tissue in the pelvic area, potentially leading to complications down the road. The herbal vsteams are a great way to deliver properties that will reduce scar tissue. Many women find the 'after birth' following a cesarean birth takes a little longer to clear out. The vsteams will help speed the cleansing process.

Your uterus just stretched to the volume of a watermelon and carried your baby for 9 months! She deserves a spa day!

Another great reason to yoni steam after giving birth, is to shrink those pesky hemorrhoids that are all too common postnatal!! Everyone can do without those, thanks!!

Also, warming up the whole pelvic area will relax muscles that you strained in the birthing process. One of my regular postnatal yoni steaming mamas said it best, "It relaxes you at your core, from the inside out!" And it does! Our deepest pelvic muscles are relaxed during a vsteam.

All our mamas fall in love with the vsteam! Come find out why!

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